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The Living Sculpture Project is a Holistic and Ecological Arts organization that provides healing for people and the earth. We host multiple programs, which include Radiant Vitality Health Coaching, the Divine Trilogy Wellness Retreats, Nourish Therapeutic Bodyworks and “Connection” Environmental Art installations. 


The Living Sculpture Project is passionate about restoring and enriching connection on our planet. We create interactive, creative, healing experiences through the lens of holistic and ecological arts. 


We are based out of Sedona, Arizona, and Northern California. Our values root deep into the interconnectedness of body, mind, heart and spirit extending to our environment, and connection to people, land, plants and animals. This holistic awareness is expressed through the many opportunities that are created from the inception of a design, creation of experience, to the application, and presentation for which facilitators, educators, artists, individuals, families, and communities may experience deeper enrichment and inspiration as we navigate our way through these times.
The Living Sculpture Project
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Who is the creator of The Living Sculpture Project?


                                          Sarah Jetton has brought together her life experience in education, professional work, and personal development into                                                  a Holistic and Ecological Arts center that enriches the lives of people and the earth. She is an Environmental Artist,                                                   and a Certified Wellness Coach based in Sedona, Arizona. She bridges her love of the natural world, passion for the                                                     environment, and the healing of people through her interactive environmental art installations, transformational                                                         health coaching, and wellness retreats.


                                               The foundation of her relationship with radiant vitality: Connection.

                                               Daily communion with nature and all her wild elements. Movement, Meditation, Nutrition, Spirituality,                                                                         Creativity, Touch, Nourishing Relationships, Willingness to learn and grow and Love. 

                                               Jetton produces large scale Ecological Art installations that use regenerative agriculture practices expressed                                                                   through the arts. Flourishing natural ecosystems, whole systems thinking, rewilding and community resilience are at                                                the root of her creations. In 2019, 2020, and 2021, she produced “Connection”, a .25 acre                                                      environmental art sculpture to be used as a coaching tool to inspire transformation for all who entered and participated in various coaching activities. The sculpture is created from growing food, flowers, plants, and natural    elements. The art work is interactive; a playscape for all ages to enjoy and learn in. It’s visual, environmental, relational and conceptual. 


Jetton has a Bachelor of Arts in English & Studio Arts from University of Vermont. A visiting design student at Rhode Island School of Design & The Museum School in Boston. Specialty study in Aboriginal Arts & Culture from Murdoch University in Fremantle, Australia. Certified Healing Arts Practitioner in Bodywork Therapy from Diamond Light School of Healing Arts, and Holistic Wellness Coach from the Co-Active Training Institute in Marin County, California. In addition, she is a Master Gardener, trained by Masters around the globe in permaculture and regenerative agriculture practices. She is a trail runner, hiker, yogi, dancer, meditation practitioner, and mother.

In 2017, Jetton chose the path of deep transformation in self healing, after experiencing trauma in her health and well being. This included the journey of learning self love and acceptance. She catalyzed her rebirth healing process through body, earth and spirit connection. She uses meditation, prayer, ritual, breath work, playfulness, movement, nature time, meaningful connections, somatic healing techniques and tending to the earth as mediums for remembering her Divine Blueprint Technology which clears and regenerates her cellular joy and vitality. It brings her great happiness to be of service in sharing these gifts with her clients and students. To get to know others' beauty, co-create, and enlighten one another. She emphasizes that she will not heal you, though she will create spaces and experiences that will inspire and teach you how to heal yourself. 

Jetton is currently enjoying the cultivation of old and new client relationships in her Radiant Vitality coaching practice. She works one on one, with couples and in groups in Sedona, Arizona and online. She recently designed and co-facilitated The Divine Trilogy Retreat: Embodiment in Body, Earth & Spirit in Sedona, in the spring of 2022. Participants reviews included “a life changing experience”, “enlightening”, “embodied self love & compassion”, “feeling strong inside and out”, “rejuvenating & restorative”,  “nervous system reset”, “deeply healing”, and “magical”, among many more. Jetton’s coaching practice is based in Holistic Wellness using transformational and mindset coaching techniques. She continues to see clients for Therapeutic Bodywork sessions, and often includes these sessions in the Radiant Vitality day long intensives. In addition, she is commissioned in various ecological installations in design and consultations across the nation.


All media, images, photos, videos, content, website and seed to flower in the garden are designed, and cultivated by The Living Sculpture Project. 

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