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"Connection" is produced by The Living Sculpture Project. It is Environmental Art created from growing food, flowers, plants, and natural elements. Our ecological art installations create interactive, living sculptures and playscapes for all ages to enjoy and learn in. We use regenerative agriculture practices through the lens of Art. This project is multi-disciplinary: visual, environmental, relational and conceptual.


The goal in producing "Connection" is to create a great sculptural art piece that would benefit all living beings. A place for all to remember who they really are. It is a space that cultivates this remembrance of our natural divine inheritance: love, joy, freedom. It attracts our beloved pollinators,  gorgeous songbirds to magnificent birds of prey, furry ones, friends, and family. A place to be inspired, rest, restore, feel peace, and connect to all bio-diverse systems internally and externally.


Our initial installation of "Connection" began in a .25 acre meadow in Sonoma County, California. We are now offering "Connection" worldwide, as we believe all will benefit greatly from the experiential depth and joy this interactive, living sculpture gives to all life on our planet. Think of land artists Andy Goldsworthy, or Agnes Denes, as Sarah Jetton has produced The Living Sculpture Project in a similar vein, and yet very unique to her own inspirations and skills. Cultivating the earth, inspiring and feeding others through nourishment and delight.  

The piece entails three circles, in different sizes, cut from the earth to create a garden sculpture loop around a barren center where people may connect to themselves, each other, and the natural environment. The circles are "Solo", 10 ft. diameter, "Friends & Family", 14 ft. diameter, and "Community", 22 ft. diameter. In each circle there will be optional activities available that inspire connection. Outside the circle is a large loop which contains the garden sculpture of vegetables, flowers, and plants with a focus on edibles. 

In the fall of 2019, we began our first installation which started with planting a winter cover crop for phase one. Phase two entailed growing all food and flowers from seed, starting in our greenhouse, then transplanting to our sculpture circles in spring 2020. Photos have been documented of our work to this point. This is a living, growing medium which illustrates the changing seasons through environmental expression.

"Connection" is a space where people can be entertained, educated, and healed through public and private events. Our first event was planned for Spring Equinox 2020. Due to pandemic restrictions, we canceled our events, continued with the project and documented our work through photography, video and writing.

Our vision is to create “Connection” worldwide. An intentional space that enriches all our needs and pleasures- for the earth itself, butterflies, bees, birds, ladybugs, people, and so many more. We can experience garden parties, connection activities, music, education, art, healing, play and just being. We choose to fall in love with our future, thus we stay committed to the dream.

Our outdoor garden spaces range from simplicity to fantastical. Garden playgrounds made of food, flowers and plants for all ages to enjoy with optional garden and farm education too. For residential, public and commercial businesses. We want you to be inspired, connect, fall in love, be nourished and protect what is of true value in our relationships and natural environments.


All media, images, photos, videos, content, website and seed to flower in the garden are designed, and cultivated by The Living Sculpture Project. 

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