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Wild Hearts Immersive
May 27th



Join us for the Divine Trilogy retreats and workshops in the magical destination of Sedona, Arizona. Experience a reset, rejuvenate, and regenerate for your entire well being.  Discover and activate your Divine Blueprint Technology through activities and experiences that will connect you to your soul essence, heal your body and heart, enliven your spirit, and renew your vitality.


What is your Divine Blueprint Technology? Think of a seed. There are so many different shapes, sizes, colors of seeds that produce plants, trees, medicines, food, and flowers. Inside these seeds are miracle blueprints that we cannot see with the eye until it blooms into it's fullest expression. Watermelon seeds, avocados, peach pits, acorns, poppies, sunflower seeds, are just a handful of examples we may experience in our daily lives. They produce delicious, nutritious, healing vitality for us to be nourished by, experience pleasure, delight, and shelter with. We are co-creative with our eco-systems, which includes each other. We are a part of nature, not separate from it. The wellness of our biology is in symphony with the ecology of Mother Earth. We have a blueprint technology within each of us that is unique, full of creative life force energy, talents, skills, and deep profound peace. We can expand beyond what we think we already know and unlock our greater expression through various practices that accelerate this fruition.

Your hosts and facilitators are excited to share and co-create with you!

Here are some example experiences we can provide in our embodiment retreats honoring body, earth and spirit:

  • Guided Meditations & Visualizations, Hiking on the legendary Sedona Red Rock Trails, Vortex Discoveries

  • Earth Connection, Earth Arts, Expressive Arts, Holistic Arts

  • Grounding Practices, Nature Bathing, Breathwork, Gardening, Food as Medicine

  • Movement, Dance, Yoga, Sound Healing

  • Creating Daily Rituals, Power of Prayer, Energetic Healings

  • Connection Activities, Mindset, Communication & Relationship skills

  • Therapeutic Bodywork, Learning Conscious Touch & Massage

  • Community Building, Celebration

Please read more about a few of our facilitators below. We have a wealth of teachers and guides that collaborate on a variety of experiential retreats depending on the exquisite flavors you want to embody!


Sarah Jetton is an Environmental Artist, and a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach in Body, Earth, and Relational Arts. She produces large scale Ecological Art installations that use regenerative agriculture practices expressed through the arts. Flourishing natural ecosystems, whole systems thinking, rewilding and community resilience are at the root of her creations. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English & Studio Arts (1998), Aboriginal Arts & Culture (1997), Certified Healing Arts Practitioner in Bodywork Therapy (2008), CTI Certified Coach (2013), and Master Gardener. She is a trail runner, hiker, yogi, dancer, meditation practitioner, teacher and mother.

Sarah chose the path of deep transformation in self healing, after experiencing great loss and serious illness. This included the journey of learning self love and acceptance. She catalyzed her rebirth healing process through body, earth and spirit connection. She uses meditation, prayer, ritual, breath work, playfulness, movement, nature time, expressive arts, meaningful connections, and tending to the earth as mediums for remembering her Divine Blueprint Technology which clears and regenerates her cellular joy and vitality. It brings her great happiness to be of service in sharing these gifts with her clients and students. To get to know others beauty, co-create, and enlighten one another. She is a heart inspired coach, guide, teacher and forever student.

Brigitta Hegedus Bailey is a Mystic Shamanic Healer and Táltos. She is the owner of Blissful Hungarian Healings. In addition, she is a Certified Life Force Energy Healer, Prayer Practitioner and a Certified Alignment Yoga instructor.

The journey to her soul began when she was a young child growing up in Hungary. She always felt that there was more to life than people were telling her. She believes that we are all here for a special purpose. Spirituality helped her open the door, almost 20 years ago, to learn about her true Self. She has continued her education and development through multiple workshops, classes and trainings on angels, aura, chakras, self development, spirituality, metaphysics, healthy nutrition, essential oils, crystals, past life regression, meditation, yoga and healing the inner child. She believes self love and self care are two of the most important foundations in life. Everything she integrates into her work is a blueprint of her journey as it is still evolving in her. She is honored and humbled to live this lifestyle and share it with others. 

Brigitta raises the collective consciousness through her individual custom sessions, group sessions, workshops and spiritual gatherings. She has 20 years of experience in providing ceremonial healing's that are safe, nurturing, and enlightening. Sessions may include inner child healing, sound baths, and past life regression with customized multidimensional light code activation's for authentic soul purpose. Her mission is to help the world, one client at a time. Through a variety of treatments, as well as counseling services she manages to unlock the potential of self-healing in each session. Brigitta is here to support everyone on their journey who wants to learn and become the best version of themselves.

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Nicole is a yogi, ayurvedic chef, and outdoors enthusiast. It was early in her life when she started dealing with alopecia, an autoimmune disorder, and found a way to feel confident in her body through the physical movement of running. As a devoted runner, she began yoga in Santa Barbara, California as a way to supplement her marathon training. Almost immediately, she recognized that the time spent on the mat and with others in the yoga community were invaluable aspects of her life and committed to a daily practice. She has been committed to practicing and teaching yoga since 1999. 


She uses yoga, food, and connection to nature as tools to help students find their own personal way to heal and find strength in their unique bodies. Her overall intention for each yoga class is to create an environment where students are able to discover something new about themselves through physical movement, connection to their breath and accessible meditation practices. Food is medicine and you'll feel that in her cooking. All her food is made with clean sustainably sourced ingredients. There is special attention to increasing digestion for each meal. She looks forward to guiding you towards a more embodied sense of self. 

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