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Radiant health begins with the whole being: body, mind, emotion, spirit, and nature. We are not separate but one with all these components. When we honor this simple, effortless network we can feel and cherish our wholeness and calm vitality. How do we nourish ourselves? How do we listen? How do we connect?

Sarah has spent twenty plus years in the wellness industry which includes the health and well being of people, as well as the earth. She is a certified Holistic Wellness Coach with a strong passion for body and earth connection. She coaches, consults, teaches and inspires others to optimize their lives through nutrition, movement, bodywork, meditation, nature connection, emotional regulation, relational self awareness and intelligence.

Her well-rounded approach has allowed her clients and groups to find success in optimal health. Sarah believes that transformation occurs when we co-create a practice with new systems unique to the individual or group and receive continued support through guidance and accountability.

Experience an increase in peace, courage, joy and freedom. Raise your energy levels, create healthy beliefs and habits, and establish a nourishing routine you can stick with. This unique practice will help you break any old beliefs about what is possible and is a system you can use for the rest of your life.

Ignite your radiant vitality through a transformational 12 week online coaching program. For more information please contact us at


We create Environmental Art landscapes from growing food, flowers, plants, and natural elements. Experience the production of interactive, living sculptures and playscapes for all ages to enjoy and learn in.


We use regenerative agriculture practices through the lens of Art. Our project is multi-disciplinary: visual, environmental, relational and conceptual.

Our services include design, installation and maintenance of your outdoor nature space. Ranging from simplicity to fantastical. 

The work is an organic practice of actively restoring soil quality, biodiversity, ecosystems health, water quality while producing high nutritional value. Flourishing natural ecosystems, whole systems thinking, rewilding and community resilience are at the root of our creations.


All media, images, photos, videos, content, website and seed to flower in the garden are designed, and cultivated by The Living Sculpture Project. 

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