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Immersion For Women

Divine Trilogy Retreats presents:

Wild Hearts Embodiment Immersion for Women

The Verde Valley, Arizona

May 27th, 2023, 9am-4pm 

     Expressive Arts + Nature + Sensual Healing

with Sarah Jetton, Certified Coach & Artist

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Only 10 spaces!

Divine Trilogy Retreats Presents:

Wild Hearts

Embodiment Immersion


Nature, Art, Healing

For Women 


On the Land in 

Verde Valley, Arizona

Address given upon registration


Return to your wild and sensual heart immersed in nature, expressive and relational arts.

Join other women in a guided experience which includes a light picnic lunch on Spring Creek

in Coconino National Forest, Cornville, Arizona.

Certified Coach and artist, Sarah Jetton, will guide this soulful journey through

guided visualization meditations, circling, dance, visual arts, sacred geological hike,

and relational arts. Meet & deepen with other women in conscious, healthy, inspired connections.



Saturday, May 27th, 2023


9:00 am- 4:00 pm



The facilitation and coaching of a communication system based on authenticity, deep empathetic listening and meditative presence. We create mutual understanding, trust, psychological safety, and intimacy. Increases collective intelligence in group experiences, opportunities for stronger connections and relational skills.


Connecting to our bodies unique flow and rhythm through sound and movement in a non-judgemental free form expression. Loosening up the body, releasing emotion, and feel your sensuality through movement. Get present, experience freedom, joy and your divine sensual nature.


7 Chakras Heaven/Earth Light Guided Visualization:

Closing dance exercise with a Guided visualization meditation which brings the Yin/Yang into balanced integration through bio-electrical earth charging and heaven light clearing through all 7 Chakras. 

Sacred Hike & Picnic:  (light packed lunch provided by host)

Petroglyphs and Spring Creek Cleansing Ritual


Afternoon: Visual Arts Expression: Mixed media 


Closing Circle: Sharing Your Wild Heart


Celebration: Gift Giving- 

The Mirror: the beauty we see in YOU


What you have the capacity to experience

  • Returning Home to Your Wild Heart

  • Remembering & Activating your Divine Blueprint

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Emotional Intimacy

  • Sacred Union Within

  • Sensual Embodiment

  • Creative Expression

  • Creating Deeper Bonds: with yourself & women in the retreat. Bonus- you take these new skills and experiences home to your everyday life and relationships.

  • Healing relationship with self and women

  • Transform your mindset

  • Conflict Resolution Skills

  • Renewed sense of vision and clarity

  • Feel electric, sexy, wise, and empowered

  • Magic & Miracles

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